Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In memory of a scarf

I was listening to one of Knitpicks founder Kelly Petkun's podcasts in which she discussed frogging the projects that are languishing in our cupboards, and the liberating feeling they impart on the knitter.

Well I like the scarf and thought it looked really good on me, but it had its negative points - it was mind numbing to work on, and the stranded vertical stripes were thicker than the horizontal stripes. It didn't look weird but felt off in my hands..

The simpleness of the pattern was intentional. I had chosen it for that reason while I was in the middle of last year's move, and with so much going on and living in someone else's house, I needed some easy knitting solace. But its been tucked away ever since I stepped into my new home.

This particular podcast's message rang home with me, why do we refuse to take these things apart and reuse the yarn? I know it represents a lot of work, but if you look on it with dread and the thought of continuing bores your mind away, then maybe its time to let it go gently into the night.

I've had my share of unfinished projects, but for different reasons. One was attacked by a maniacal cat. Another I might need to frog soon as well since I have ran out of yarn and can't find any replacement in its dye lot.

But this was the first time a project failed because it didn't interest me/was too simple.

Of course, the fact that I looked at these two yarn colors and immediately realized that it would make great material for the counterpoint scarf on my ravelry queue perhaps provided additional incentives :)

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Carla said...

Hmm I didn't see your earlier posts when I first visited, so I was pretty shocked when I read that you ended up frogging this one! I wasn't expecting it! But I do agree, it would make a fabulous counterpoint scarf, so I can't exactly blame you :p